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7 tips on how to avoid email spam

bsmlh 7 tips on how to avoid email spam

spam 300x225 7 tips on how to avoid email spam

I have recieved an email from McAfee educating how to avoid junk mails from spammers and decided to share that with you:

  1. Don’t publish your email address on any website or discussion forum.
  2. Use a separate email address to sign up for newsletters, online postings and trade shows. If your mailbox starts receiving an abundance of spam, you can delete the mailbox or filter it more aggressively
  3. If you didn’t originally sign up to receive an email, or if you don’t recognize the sender, do not unsubscribe from the list. By unsubscribing, you show the spammer that your email address is active.
  4. If you use web-based email services, report spam to the service provider. This helps the provider more accurately determine which messages are spam.
  5. Keep a collection of mail you want to stop receiving and determine which email addresses or phrases in the messages don’t change. Use this information to keep further unwanted email out of your inbox by creating filters using your McAfee software.
    [Hey, I am not advertising them though icon smile 7 tips on how to avoid email spam ]
  6. Do not reply to spam and, most importantly, don’t buy anything from spammers.
  7. Use anti-spam software, which blocks 97 percent to 99 percent of spam to significantly reduce the spam in your inbox

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