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Forbidden transactions by concensus


Assalamu alaykum,

This is my next post from the “Real Deal” series inshallah, and I would like to touch upon a number of transactions that are forbidden by the agreement of the Scholars.

470px japanese road sign no entry for vehicles 300x300 Forbidden transactions by concensus

There are 8 types of forbidden transactions:

  • Selling a debt for a debt
  • Two contracts or sales in one
  • Selling upon the sale of your brother
  • The resident selling to the visitor
  • Selling impure and forbidden products
  • Selling during the time of the Adhan of Jum’ah
  • Selling the unknown or uncertain
  • Riba

(Inshallah, I will try to include the explanations for every one of them on my future posts.)

Why are these transactions prohibited?

In general, the following are the reasons why the transactions noted above are forbidden.:

  1. The contract is upon a commodity or to a person or in a time that is forbidden.
  2. That contract contains Riba.
  3. The contract contains extreme uncertainty.
  4. The contract goes against one or more of the goals and purposes of the Shariah in business.

And Allah knows best!!!

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  1. tsultan says:


    It seems as if many of today’s investments deal with Riba, in one way or another. And we’ve seen, with the recent economic recession that the speculative investments (sub-prime loans) and other similar securities have disastrous effects on society.

    I’ve heard though that some stocks might be alright to invest in – to some extent. Its another one of those uncertain investments though. I’ve read online that islamically its okay to invest in the stock (capital) of a company with 30% or less in debt. I’m not sure if this is true. Any thoughts?

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