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E-commerce and selling during the Adhan of Juma’h


Assalamu alaykum.

As a continuation from the post  regarding the prohibition of buying and selling during the Adhan of Jumu’ah, I would like to add some more points here, insahllah.

rf4473466 E commerce and selling during the Adhan of Juma’h

There were many questions regarding this prohibition, especially, from those who either own an e-commerce website or were planning to have one. Or even probably from those who traded on the Ebay marketplace. The question was whether this rule applies to them as well?

The answer was YES. Because, even though you are not physically present at your shop (because it takes place online) you are still engaged in trade i.e. accepting online payments and selling your product. There were many suggestions on to how to resolve this problem e.g. to disable the website for one hour during the Juma prayer and then re-open it again, to disable the payment page only and so on. If by any reason you can’t physically do so you should donate for charity either the amount you accepted or even if you were unable to sell any products during the Jumah prayer time, still donate some money in order to be on safe side, inshallah.

if you trade online during the Adhan of Jum’ah prayer, you will be disobeying the order of Allah, may Allah protect us!

I asked the Sheikh about non e-commerce websites i.e. service related business sites that does not accept any payments online but promote their services such as ours i.e. web design services.  Sheikh advised me to give some in charity in order to have a peace of mind.  So, inshallah we have adopted this practice bithnillah and will be giving some money to charities, if Allah wills.

I came up with a good idea to solve the e-commerce related problem and hopefully I will write about it on one of my next posts inshallah icon smile E commerce and selling during the Adhan of Juma’h .

And Allah knows best!!!


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