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What is Web 2.0? – Part II


Assalamu alaykum!

Today I want to talk about the characteristics of the Web 2.0, inshallah.

As opposed to Web 1.0, with Web 2.0 websites users can do more than just retrieve information.  Web 2.0 sites allow users to own some part of the content and exercise control over that content. A simple example is our blog. You can leave comment on our blog, you can subscribe to our RSS feed. In fact, you can feed your website with my content through the RSS feeder. Meaning, when I add a new post, that post will appear on your website automatically. Another example would be Wikis where the content is iterative in the sense that the users can undo and redo each other’s work.

web1vsweb2  What is Web 2.0?   Part II

Source: web2.socialcomputingmagazine.com

Everything said above is in contrast to very old traditional websites where they limit the users to just viewing and the content is owned and modified solely by the site’s owner.

According to Best1, the characteristics of Web 2.0 are: rich user experience, user participation, dynamic content, metadata, web standards and scalability.

Other suggested characteristics and essential attributes of Web 2.0 could be an openness, freedom and collective intelligence by way of user participation.

1Best, D., 2006. Web 2.0 Next Big Thing or Next Big Internet Bubble? Lecture Web Information Systems. Techni sche Universiteit Eindhoven.


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