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Quotes from the “Presenting To Win” Book


Assalamu alaykum everyone!

Today I would like to share with you some interesting quotes from the “Presenting To Win” book that I mentioned on my yesterday’s post.

So here they come:

…Every presentation is a stepping stone on the path to ultimate success. If any one presentation fails, there will be no tomorrow. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. …treat every presentation as if it was as a mission-critical as an IPO (Initial Public Offering) road show…

…Every business presentation has one common goal: the all-important art of persuasion, an art with literally dozens of applications for which everyone in business must be prepared. Persuasion is the classic challenge of sounding the clarion call to action, of getting your target audience to the experience known as Aha!
Aha! is the moment when you know your audience is ready to march to your beat…

…The problem is that nobody knows how to tell a story. And what’s worse, nobody knows that they don’t know how to tell a story!..

…A clear and concise story can give a presenter the clarity of mind to present with poise…

…The good presenter grabs their (the audience) minds at the beginning of the presentation, navigates them through through all the various parts, themes, and ideas, never letting go, and then deposits them at the call to action…

That’s that for now. I will keep adding more quotes, inshallah.

Wassalamu alaykum

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