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Social Media, Where to Begin?


Social media is very important for your business as it allows you to be able to join in the conversations that are taking place online about you and your company’s products and services.

sm ummah design blog Social Media, Where to Begin?

As these conversations are happening already and decisions are being made about your business it is vital that you get involved yourself to influence it.   By talking directly to your customers through the tools of social media you can gain their suggestions, feedback, ideas and feelings about your business in a way that your customer would like and in a way you would get real results.

OK, I agree with that, but where do I begin?

I would say there are three stages for the beginner:

1.  Strategy:  As business people you already know that you need a strategy first and foremost based upon what you want to get out of it. What are your goals, aims and objectives?

2.  Map: Find out where your target market gathers online, that maybe be Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or elsewhere

3. Listen: Sign up, make a profile and join in the conversation -  by just listening at first.

Don’t immediately try and build a huge community by creating your own platform or group, do not expect people to connect with you right away, that type of success is very rare.  The trick is to connect with them first by joining groups and participating.  It is not a quick process but the end results will be fantastic for your business, inshallah

Patience is key and when you decide to build that community, make it exiting, media rich and interesting.

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