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What is better: Organic Listing or Pay Per Click (PPC)?


Some of us may have heard the term “Organic Listing”. The Organic Listing is to appear on the search results of the search engine natuarally i.e. by not paying a single penny. To illustrate, if someone types in and searches “Muslim Web Design Company” keyword on the Google, the Google will bring up all the relevant websites as a list.  For example:

search results ripped effect What is better: Organic Listing or Pay Per Click (PPC)?The more your website is optimised for the search engines and the more you have links to your website – the higher is the chance that your website will appear on the first pages of the search results. And you don’t have to pay a penny to the Google. This is called an Organic Listing.

With Pay Per Click (PPC) however, your website doesn’t have to be search engine optimised and you have to pay everytime an Internet user clicks on your advert. The best example is Google AdWords.

If you ever noticed, every time you search something in Google, it brings up a list of advert boxes under the Sponsored Links on the right hand side or sometimes on the top, just before your search results.
Here is an example (click on image to enlarge):

googleadword sample screens 300x131 What is better: Organic Listing or Pay Per Click (PPC)?

This is a clear example of PPC. You don’t pay anything to advertise on that section. You only pay for a click starting from £0.01! (I will try cover the Google AdWords in more details very soon inshallah. )

A well thought and clever Google AdWords campaign can bring lots of potential customers into you website.  However before you opt for AdWords campaign you need to do everything you can to make sure that your website is search engine friendly anyway! Run your campaign, but make sure that you are maximising your site’s performance in the organic listing too.

Ideally, your main target should be to come up high in search engine results (organic listing) and be listed in the AdWords listings – because two listings on page 1 of Google is always goingto look stronger than just a single one!


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