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Why You Should Use Delicious


delicious logo 300x89 Why You Should Use Delicious

First of all, what is Delicious?  Well, Delicious is a social bookmarking site where millions of people all over the world gather to bookmark their favourite sites, blog posts, images and videos.  Instead of bookmarking on your computer you can go to Delicious, bookmark your favourite content there and access it wherever you have an internet connection.

When all these millions of people are bookmarking content trends start to appear, you will be able to see emerging content and what is really popular.  If you add social bookmarking buttons to you website or blog you are then providing visitors with the tools to send you content to Delicious to be seen by other people.

Delicious is a great way to find new content and many people use it to do just that and if you are there, if your content is there, you will be found and traffic will soon be directed to your site.

Participation is the key to all social media platforms and so when you begin to add content to Delicious and search for others you will begin to find those individuals that share similar interests.

By adding these people to your network you can keep up to date with what content they find.

Here is good video about how Delicious can help you

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