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Google or Apple to Buy Twitter?


googappl Google or Apple to Buy Twitter?

Twitter has become so popular in such a short amount of time that even giants such as Apple and Google are fighting over it.

Over 1 million people use twitter now and are using it in ways that have surprised many.  Users have been using Twitter for search purposes which has obviously made Google sit up and take a closer look at the Twitter phenomenon.

It has lead many to believe that Google will mount a bid to buy Twitter and enter the social media arena, something they have tried to do, but without massive success with their Open Social apps and launch of their Friend Connect feature.  If they were to successfully purchase Twitter their social media influence would hit the roof because Twitter is the hottest thing on the net right now, with so much potential.

Apple however is on the march too and has been reported to be in negotiations to buy Twitter for £460 million.

The question would obviously remain, no matter who buys the company, how would it make any money? Twitter still has to define a business model that would generate the significant income a 6 million user base and over 1,300 per cent growth should be bringing.

The only likely option would be for Apple to integrate the Twitter model into its iPhone / Mac services… although given the plethora of options available for both those models already, it’s hardly like it would be bringing a huge new fan base to those machines. Techradar

It maybe good for the consumer if Google purchased Twitter because of the potential integration with Google search it could offer but on the flip side, Google will just get bigger and bigger and more dominant which is not healthy.

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