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Is Google Playing Big Brother?


Google is massive; it is an outrageously huge and influential company that may now be too big for our own good.

independent 070524 google 251x300 Is Google Playing Big Brother?To be successful on line nobody can ignore Google, everybody has to participate with them, if you don’t; you simply don’t survive.  So we all have to use Google to swim in the online ocean and that means they can potentially know everything that you do online.

As I write they can already do so much; they know what websites you visit, your IP address, your search terms, the times and dates you went online and they know your cookie ID.

With all this information about you and where you go and what you do, there is a potential for misuse of this information.  We don’t not know whether they destroy or keep this information, so one has to assume that they would keep it and with the recent words from UK government ringing in our ears (that said they wanted to access and monitor in their own database or internet company databases all internet use) we have the right to feel a little worried.

Of course Google has most of these records anyway, certainly everything to do with searches, website visits and transactions. Some people are more unhappy because Google now have a picture of your drive way, house and garden with their Street View app.

How much bigger can Google get and how much more information are we willing to give them to have about us? I am not sure Google is playing big brother yet, but the foundations are there to exploit and governments are ready to pounce.

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