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2 Hadith: Islam & Business


Two beautiful hadith about conducting business in Islam

The Prophet Muhammad said:

An honest and truthful businessman shall be in the shade of the throne of Allah. (Al-Isbihani)

Prophet Muhammad  said

Whosoever sells a defective product without disclosing its defect to the purchaser, shall earn the permanent anger of Almighty Allah and the angels continuously curse such a person.

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  1. Jane F Njinga says:

    Salam Alykum

    How can I get an islamic sponcorship in business. I bake wedding cakes and would like to improve in my business I have been working for an insurance compa ny for 5 years now and I feel guilty because insurance is not permisible ion islam. I work because I have to earn a living. I must mention that am very talented in baking especially wedding cakes and I only learnt once about 10years ago. If you resopond to my request I will send you a picture of my work Please help.

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  2. Sherzod says:

    Assalamu alaykum,

    MAshallah, whenever you take sacrifices for the sake of Allah, He will surely show you a way from all difficulties inshallah.
    Where are you based? Maybe you should upload your pictures into Flickr.com and share them with us. We can then try finding you a sponsor inshallah.


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