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New Website: The Omari Mosque


Alhamdulillah by the mercy of Almighty Allah we have completed another project.  The Ormari Mosque, situated in Beirut benefited from our worldwide Mosque promotion where they received a whole new website, for free!

It was a pleasue working with the brothers and pray it serves their community for a long time inshallah.

Take a peek at a screenshot of their front page

Omari Mosque 1024x647 New Website: The Omari Mosque

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New Website: The Omari Mosque, 4.6 out of 5 based on 8 ratings

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  1. Maya says:

    I live in Beirut and Omari Mosque was one of the first mosques I used to attend as growing up. It is indeed a spiritual sanctuary with both its environment and architecture. I am so glad this mosque has now an amazing website as beautiful as the mosque itself. This website will help me keep updated on the latest news events of the mosque.
    Jazakom Allah Khayran for your wonderful work!!!

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  2. Mohammed says:

    Omari, a great Masjid that lies in the heart of Beirut, Lebanon. A masjid where Sayedona Salah Al Dien once prayed, a masjid where history touches the present and promises of an amazing future for muslims are realized. AlhamdoliLah this masjid like many others in Beirut and Lebanon is full of life and now thanks to Ummah Design everything related to the Omari Masjid of Beirut can be shared with brothers and sisters around the globe. We are very proud to have had the pleasure of learning about Ummah Design. You set an example in professionalism that is fueled with the love of Allah and fellow muslims that you have never met at the Omari Masjid. May Allah accept your work and grant us all the wisdom to serve Islam and accelerate awareness of Islam and its virtues.

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  3. abdomeri says:

    it has tha sae name of my family
    ihave beautiful mosque photo
    would you like to see more mosque photo
    come and visit us

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  4. As’salam o alaikum,

    Ma Sha Allah, nice aesthetic sense reflected in design. May Allah accept your and your teams efforts and blessed and harness here and after, ameen. It also reflected that when a muslim do a charity work for Allah/Deen it should be pure and with responsibility, and you have had justice with your Deen + Profession. Keep up the good work.

    The only thing that is not looking good is stretched art below the phrase ‘of Beirut’ in the header.

    However, just out of curiosity wanted to know why it was developed in Microsoft technology (dot Net) why not PHP, where its open source + the webhosting for open-source technologies is cheaper than the later one?

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