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Showcase of recently completed web projects


Our Ummah-Design.com team have recently finished quite a few web projects  ranging from advanced e-commerce to simple charity websites. As we have been very busy with the projects we were not able to post them on our blog until now. So here they are!


Myhomealarm.co.uk are a leading ADT Alarms dealer offering home security packages, their easy 3 step package deal already provides high quality, fast and efficient protection to over 250,000 homes. Our main job was designing the database, programming the back-end and making sure the business logic works as per client’s requirements. Alhamdulillah, the client was delighted with our work.

MYHOMEALARM Showcase of recently completed web projects

MYHOMEALARM.CO.UK - ADT Alarms dealer offering home security packages


Madrasah Madania Tahfeezul Quran is an Islamic School based in Bradford West Yorkshire, offering a variety of courses and learning programmes to the community. They also have many new ventures planned such as a community magazine, nursery facilities, play schemes and advice centres. We had the pleasure to provide them with a fresh, simple and user friendly CMS website specially designed as a gateway for people to access the courses, services and facilities that MMTQ have to offer.

Madrasah Madania Showcase of recently completed web projects

MMTQ.CO.UK - Madrasah Madania Tahfeezul Quran.


Bahiyacollections.com is one of our Canadian clients. This was a very advanced e-commerce project that we developed and it involved a lot of communicating after office hours J (because of 5 hours difference) which was no trouble at all alhamdulillah as the Bahiya Team were a pleasure to work with. Bahiyacollections.com is a Canadian based company that offers designer , modest and stylish clothing to the  modern Muslim women. We wish them all the best Inshallah.

BAHIYACOLLECTIONS Showcase of recently completed web projects

Bahiyacollections.com - designer, modest and stylish clothing for Muslimas


Muslim Poverty Relief is a charity organisation that carries out relief work in many countries to help eradicate poverty and hardship and at the same time helps  advance the better understanding of Islam. We think it’s great that they regularly  post reports on their site of projects where people have contributed, so that you can see the difference your donations are making. Anyway, the site was provided with CMS so that client could update the content of the website with an ease and no IT skills. It was a great inspiration working with such people and we wish them every success in all their current and future projects Inshallah. Ameen!

MUSLIMPOVERTYRELIEF Showcase of recently completed web projects

Muslim Poverty Relief is a charity organisation

I would like to add at this point that alhamdulillah Allah (SWT) has blessed us in the way that recently we have had and still having the pleasure of designing and developing many Islamic non-profitable sites, so much so that we have come to know many important key skills relating to such projects that will make them more successful biithnillah. Firstly,  as these type of sites need to be user friendly and with easy navigation we have to use appropriate fonts, colours, and other design elements to ensure this.  Secondly, the website needs to make it easy to find out more about their cause, to donate money, and to become more involved. It needs to make it easy for Muslim brothers and sisters to find the information they need and the contact details of the person in charge. And it needs to do all this in a way that’s inviting to the organization’s targeted donors and/or volunteers.

So Inshallah when we get the time we will be doing a showcase of our non-profit organisations and touching briefly on some major key points we should all know about designing such sites.

Please share your comments and feedback with us. Tell us what you liked and what you disliked .

Jazakallahu khayran.

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