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New Dawah Website Launched


We are pleased to announce the launch of another site, the first official website for Connect2islam.org.

Connect2islam.org is a unique dawah site based in Birmingham UK, comprising of a small team of Muslims dedicated to giving dawah in a unique approach. The site was designed to allow Muslims to give dawah to non-Muslims wherever they are in the world by becoming a member. This will cost a small fee so that they can facilitate purchase of literature and multimedia productions such as DVD’S and CDs which will then be sent  to non-Muslim homes, in the hope that even if they didn’t eventually become muslim, they would at least have a better and more clearer understanding of islam Inshallah.

We wish the Connect2islam.org team all the best in the progression of their new, CMS enabled website and pray with all our hearts that Allah (SWT) fulfills for them their aim and rewards them all immensely for their intentions & efforts Inshallah. Amin.

Here is what Connect2islam.org Team have to say about us:

We are very appreciative to Ummah-Design. We gave Ummah-Design a vague dawah concept, from this they were able to produce a fantastic website and hence made our dawah dream into a reality. Furthermore communication along the process was excellent and hence I would have no hesitation to recommend their service to people.”

Connect2IslamOrg New Dawah Website Launched

Please feel free to visit their site (Connect2islam.org) and give us your feedback & comments Inshallah.

Wassalamu Alaykum.

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  1. Hadith says:

    This is the sort of stuff we need, Jazak-Allah Khair

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