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New Redesigned Site for Islamic Institute Of Toronto


Alhamdulillah we are pleased to announce the launch of a new face for the famous & much appreciated Islamic Institute of Toronto. We hope the new redesigned & revamped CMS site will help benefit the Institute’s continuously growing needs Inshallah. The website has many user access types (Students, Instructors, Site Admins and normal users) and is very complex.

May Allah(SWT) continue to help & guide the brothers in the committee & reward them immensely for their endless efforts & commitment fisabillah, and they were a true pleasure to work with.

The Institute was first established in 1996, it’s a premier Islamic Educational Institution, located in Toronto Canada offering post-secondary courses in Arabic Language, Islamic Jurisprudence, Ethics and Spirituality, Islamic History and Civilization, Comparative Religion and Civic Engagement amongst others.

IslamicInstituteTorontoCanadaWebsite New Redesigned Site for Islamic Institute Of Toronto

Islamic Institute Toronto's New Website - www.islamicinstitute.ca

The IIT has shown to be committed to promoting Islamic education that is authentic and relevant to the times in which we live today. Their aim is to develop a solid core of professional teachers who are qualified in both the subject matter and the methods of delivery, who reflect the universal Islamic values in their personal lives and who share the vision of a better world through the Qur’anic imperatives of teaching and learning, Inshallah.

Please visit the site on www.islamicinstitute.ca and  don’t hesitate to share your comments and feedback with us.

Wassalamu alaykum

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