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Review Series: Baba Ali’s HalfOurDeen.Com – A Unique Muslim Matrimonial Website


Assalamu alaykum everyone!

As we all know it’s getting harder and harder for our Muslim youth to maintain their Islamic faith in this western society, especially when the subject of relationships & Marriage comes along. It often helps when our children are able to communicate in honesty with their parents and when parents are not so ‘restrictive’ in their children’s choice of spouse.

Well we have some VERY good news for Muslim parents & youth that have reached this understanding and who are looking for a different & simpler solution to complete their deen.

halfourdeen Review Series: Baba Alis HalfOurDeen.Com   A Unique Muslim Matrimonial Website

Our much loved & respected brother Baba Ali, after having gone through the internet marriage process himself many years ago has now launched a new Muslim Matrimonial site called HalfOurDeen.com. Although our brother Ali maybe better known as our hilariously funny Muslim comedian, the mastermind behind Ummah Films reminder videos and the star of the popular internet series of ‘Ask Baba Ali’ he has also come to serve as an important voice for the American Muslim community and the whole Ummah in general altogether forming a strong bond of trust & respect for his no nonsense straight to the point image.

His new Matrimonial site HalfOurDeen.com is exactly that, straight to the point and no nonsense and here are just some of the points that distinguishes it from your average Muslim Matrimonial site:

1.  The site is completely private.  Isn’t that great! This means no more worrying about your friends, family or local community viewing your details on the web.

2.  The cost to register is peanuts compared to your average matrimonial site – HalfOurDeen.com and you’re not forced to register before finding out the fees, they have a link to the price page to prevent any waste of time.

3.  They have this cool compatibility % thing; you take a series of tests that let them know more about you and the person you’re looking for.  Thus, when you view someone’s profile, you see a % match you have with that person.  The questions are divided into categories so you can see how much you have in common in things like religion, family, personality, etc…

4.  Marriage videos – I think this was a fantastic idea and it’s so unique mashallah, and as Baba Ali himself quotes “ The divorce rate for Muslims here in the west has reached 31%.Unfortunately we rarely hear advice or tips about marriage during Jummah or from our parents so I decided to make a series of videos explaining what to expect when you get married.  My goal with Half Our Deen isn’t just to help people find each other but more importantly stay together InshAllah.  Whatever I gain from this project, I cannot take to my grave and therefore, I hope there is hasanat in this project.

Well Alhamdulillah I’m happily married but I’d love to get my hands on the marriage videos, I get the feeling their just as entertaining as they are beneficial icon wink Review Series: Baba Alis HalfOurDeen.Com   A Unique Muslim Matrimonial Website

Here is the link to the new site:  http://www.halfourdeen.com

I would urge everybody to watch  this video explaining some of the sites original & unique features in more detail:

If you have any comments please share them with us. Jazakallahu khayran.

Wassalamu alaykum.

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  2. Ammar says:

    It is amazing idea to have all these features combined in this Muslimswebsite.my suggestion to you and your team is to focus on marketing the website and do more advertisements on Facebook,tweeter,YouTube and even use another popular marriage websites.I know this procedure may require a big budget but without that your members number will suffer.I know you not doing it for profit.so the more members you have the more money will make so this will give you back of what you spend for the advertisement.

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