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New revamped website for Ustadh.com


ustadh.com new website New revamped website for Ustadh.com

We are delighted to announce the launch of another website – this time it’s Ustadh.com. Ustadh meaning Teacher in the Arabic language. We were honored to be approached by our much respected & beloved Sheikh Ramy bin Farouk Najmeddine from Australia who came across our website by randomly searching for Islamic wallpapers. icon smile New revamped website for Ustadh.com

Sheikh Ramy bin Farouk Najmeddine offers a variety of useful & beneficial information regarding Islam and its teachings, some of which includes Islamic Resources, news & Updates, latest audio lectures and most importantly Ask the Sheikh facility, and now even a Blog mashallah. Sheikh wanted his Blog to co-ordinate and blend in with his websites new design so we provided him with a new specially customized blog with just that Inshallah.

Here is a screenshot of the blog:

ustadh.com blog New revamped website for Ustadh.com

Giving a new look to Ustadh.com was a great pleasure and it would be fair to say it’s definitely one of our favorites. Our designer carefully chose colours that would create a warm welcoming feel and blended it into a design that would generate a sense of peace and tranquility, the layout & fonts used were specially selected to reduce eye strain and perceive clarity for easy navigation.

Alhamdulillah all Glory & Praise is due to Allah alone the Most Merciful & Most kind so if we do good it is from Him alone and we are merely tools for the process and if we make mistakes than that is from us alone. We were overwhelmed with happiness to have read our client’s review for his site and our services and it gives us great joy to share this with you…

“I would like to thank one very dedicated brother who has pulled together an amazing team and is offering a great service for Muslims worldwide in web design that is tailored to the clients needs!

Brother Sherzod and his team from ummah-design is doing just that - providing original, authentic, rich, presentable looking website designs for the ummah! The communication between the developer and the client is the best i have ever seen, even when you are half way around the world in different time zones, patience their quality, and going that extra mile with a positive attitude is too easy with ummah-design!

I needed a revamp and fresh look that provided me with expansion ideas and a content management system, guess what? they built it all from scratch! now i do not know anyone that does that at competitive prices! insha-Allah i am giving credit where its due!

So if you are ever needing a website solution, then check out ummah-design!

Ummah-Design  Designs for the ummah!”
Sheikh Ramy Najmaddine

This is without doubt a site to bookmark and pass on to friends and family inshallah.  So please do visit and give us your feedback and comments, we are always eager to view your response.

Wassalamu alaykum

Ummah-Design.com Team

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New revamped website for Ustadh.com, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Khair says:


    Two thumbs up. The focal point of the website, the illuminated lantern have already portrayed the substance of the website’s contents. On that note the developers have succeeded in capturing a viewer’s mind in a click. Enlighted!

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  2. aisha mushtaq :) says:

    mashallah coool great work subhanallah , WONDER FULL WORK FOR ISLAM SUBHANALLAH

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  3. Abdullah says:

    Salams to ummah design!

    masha-Allah your work on this website is definitely a refreshing design! I love the layout, and the colors are a little too dark for my liking, but it is very much unique and fresh, and this is what design is all about!

    A job well done!!

    May Allah grant you strength to keep on developing great designs that uplift our scholars, the dawah and our beautiful deen, Ameen!

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  4. Ramzi says:

    This web site is a great achievement, i like very much the logo and the patterns, on the other hand it is ergonomic, aesthetic and inshallah it will keep giving information and helping in deen. Moreover news are coming frequently.

    Regards Brothers Salam aleikum

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  5. Sherzod says:

    Mashallah, Jazakallahu khayran for your wonderful feedback and comments. Very much appreciate it. Many more projects are on their way inshallah. So stay tuned :-)

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