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Ummah-Design.com’s new project for tweenz

Assalamu alaykum Brothers & Sisters,

As you are all probably aware by now, the western society that we live in today has made it more and more difficult for our Muslim youth to sustain their religious and ethnic identity.

We all know that there are many different reasons for this and we feel among these reasons is lack of beneficial pass times that often lead our children to take on the wrong hobbies & friends.

Having young children of all ages of our own and realizing the great need of suitable sites that would be safe for our youth to visit, benefit themselves, advance in their creativity as well as their deen Inshallah and meet like minded Muslim children that share the same interests we decided to launch a blog dedicated to our Muslim tweenz.

UDtweenz.com is a blog organized, managed & updated by Muslim kids to attract, enthusiastic & creative like minded children. We decided to name them UD tweenz because they are part of the Ummah-Design Team and Tweens is another word to describe or refer to children between the ages of 5-15 years that we are hoping to attract & encourage to join us Inshallah. Although we encourage the Tweenz to do all the work themselves there is always an adult to supervise, proof read and guide them Inshallah.

So without further ado we are very pleased to introduce to you the additional new members of the Ummah Design Team – UDtweenz.com:

udtweenz website launch Ummah Design.com’s new project for tweenz

So we invite you and your children  visit our little helpers’ blog, find out what they are all about, what they have to offer & share with us your thoughts & comments and any additional ideas you may want to add Inshallah.

May Allah reward you and please make dua that Allah SWT helps this project & our intentions succeed and be a form of beneficial knowledge for our youth, ourselves & our Ummah biidthnilah inshallah AMEEN.

Wassalamu alaykum

Ummah-Design.com Team

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