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New Product Launch: Masjid & Islamic Centres CMS

UD CMS Masjid Box New Product Launch: Masjid & Islamic Centres CMSAssalamu alaykum,

Having had years of experience of working with and building numerous websites for Mosques & Islamic Centres our team decided to provide a unique service for these types of organisations.

Through these years of experience we’ve come to understand that due to the nature of the organisation it is difficult for them to cover the cost of developing a website all at once. Even a few hundred pounds is quite big money for charitable organisations.

After having taken many other things into consideration we have launched our tailored product whereby Mosques and Islamic Centres could rent a website (after selecting an appropriate design template or even choosing a bespoke design) in a monthly or quarterly basis. From as little as £8.00 a month they can now enjoy a website with lots of features and gain greater exposure to the public by building their online presence which will allow them to reach out to even more Muslims and non-Muslims alike inshallah.

Our websites come with a Content Management System (CMS) which enables the mosque administrators to manage the content of the website with little or no IT skills whatsoever. Moreover, it comes with different types of user groups (Admin, Imaam, Content editor and so on) with appropriate privileges.

It also comes with all the latest features such as a Prayer Timetable, Online Donations, Ask Imaam, Photo Gallery, Useful Links & Resources, RSS Feeds and Recent Blog entries and much more.

If you want to find out more about the features, please visit mosque CMS website features page or if you want to sign up for this service then please click the button below:

signupBtn New Product Launch: Masjid & Islamic Centres CMS

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  2. aziza says:

    Mashallah, long time coming, Alhamdulilah for it’s final arrival, Inshallah may Allah SWT make it a huge benefit to the Muslim Ummah and a means to paradise for all who took part in bringing this project together amin.

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