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Website Revamp For Muslim Spelling Bee

Assalamu alaykum everybody,

Couple of weeks ago Muslim Spelling Bee Team (from USA) approached us to have their website redesigned and revamped to a more user friendly, appealing, search engine friendly and most importantly content managed website so that they could update their website themselves.

They also wanted to have an online registration form connected to their PayPal account so that they could accept the registration fees without any hassle. We have also helped them to customise their PayPal checkout page with their own logo.

The site is powered by our Content Management System and hence easily managed and updated by their staff, inshallah.

It was a real pleasure to work with Muslim Spelling Bee team from the beginning till the launch of the website. Alhamdulillah they are happy with the quality of our work and the overall service we provided. And this is what they say:

“Ummah Design team is one of the most professional and dedicated. It was amazing how they understood the requirement and developed and launched our website.We feel honored to have them us our partners. We are also happy that they are media sponsors for Muslim Spelling Bee www.muslimspellingbee.com. May Allah SWT reward them for their work and passion for Islam.”

This is how the website looked before the redesign:

old website muslimspellingbee Website Revamp For Muslim Spelling Bee

And this is how it looks n0w:

muslim spelling bee website Website Revamp For Muslim Spelling Bee

A big difference, isn’t it? So dear readers, what do you think of the project? If your website is at least 2-3 years old we are sure it needs some serious attention so you don’t lose out on potential customers. If you need a help, Ummah-Design.com Team is always there to assist you, inshallah.

Thanks for reading and please share your comments with us.

Jazakallahu khayran.

Wassalamu alaykum.
Ummah-Design.Com Team

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  1. Project_pathway says:

    Salam.?? Your team did a great work with the Spellingbee site,it is has simple web layout, Good navigation,and more importantly it is userfriendly…

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  2. Sherzod says:

    Waalaykum Assalam @Project_pathway!

    Thank you for your comment and Ameen to your duas!


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