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Cambridge Islamic Centre Launches New Website

Assalama Aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakettu

We would love to take this opportunity to say how really pleasing it is to our hearts and minds when we come across and are blessed to help such organizations like these, I can confidently say reading this sites upcoming news & events really makes me want to be part of it, and makes me admire the community it is catered for or even jealous of those who it is close to and are able to attend regularly with no transport!

Here Masjid Al-Ikhlas are one of many masjids/Islamic Centers that are doing their very best to be active, attract & bring together the community Muslim & non-Muslim alike which is a great thing much needed especially in the world we live in today. But sadly they are one of the few out there that realise just how important it is for the community as well as themselves to have an online presence.

Anyone who has run an organization such as this or had any sort of experience in doing so will know just how much effort and time consuming it is, which is why we at Ummah Design Team have tried to make this easier, and as less time consuming as possible by building a unique & very easily managed CMS specifically with these Islamic Masjids and organizations in mind. Moreover, we have also come up with different package deals to suit everybody’s needs and capabilities all with free training & support. For more information on this please visit our website.

And here is a screenshot of Cambridge Islamic Center’s new website (http://cambridgeislamiccentre.org):

cambridge Islamic centre website1 Cambridge Islamic Centre Launches New Website

We congratulate them and pray they reap the rewards of their hard work & success in dunya and akhira amin.

Wassalama Aleikum

Ummah Design Team

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