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Website Revamp For Besthajjpackage.com

Assalama aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakettu,

It’s with great pleasure to announce yet another completion of a personal favorite, the new refreshed & revamped website for Besthajj package.com

Besthajjpackage.com is part of H&H Halal Travel, who are a Hajj company offering Muslims life altering experiences during their special journey,  they genuinely wish all Muslims to complete an accepted Hajj, get a chance to change their lives for the better  and find renewed direction Inshallah.

It was an inspirational and pleasurable experience working with their team, despite them being based in the USA and considering the time difference we always had a good quality and regular communication pattern alhamdulillah and we really appreciated the fact that they knew exactly what they needed and wanted, respected and valued any given advice and once we completed their request were happy and satisfied with the results mashallah. We were truly happy on completing their SEO that they come up first on the first page of Google search results ‘ Best hajj Package’. Although we never actually promise or guarantee first page alhamdulillah Allah SWT always helps us to achieve this, but of course this is a separate post altogether hehe!

besthajjpackage.com website Website Revamp For Besthajjpackage.com

Personally I really like this site, I love the colour combination, the layout and style, I like the traditional look together with the light modern touches it made it look really unique. So what do you think? Please share your thoughts with us, comment and feel free to pay them a visit and recommend to family and friends.



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