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Happy Eid Al Adha 2012

Assalama aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakettu,

eidmubarak card2012 Happy Eid Al Adha 2012

The Ummah-Design Team all wish everyone a very blessed and fun Eid Al Adha, we pray Allah Azzawajal accept all the fasting of those who fasted in these last 10 days especially the day of Arafat and accept all the extra deeds of those who did extra deeds sincerely for Allahs sake in the hope of His Mercy and extra rewards, may Allah the Most Merciful and Oft Forgiving reward all the Islamic, non Islamic charities and all that participated in raising money for the Qurbani, may Allah SWT accept all the sacrifices inshallah ameen.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients for their custom, all our readers for visiting and commenting and all our followers on Twitter and Facebook, we hope everyone enjoyed our past weeks Eid Deals, stay tuned for more up coming special offers and prize draws.

And last but not least, we welcome back all the Hajjis and congratulate them in the completion of their pilgrimage and pray that Allah SWT accepts their Hajj,  intention and efforts Inshallah.


Ummah-Design Team


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