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MyIQA.org gets transformed!

Assalam aleikum brothers & sisters.

The team have recently launched the newly revamped site for this really inspirational site called My IQA, IQA standing for IANT Quranic Academy, a unique private Islamic school serving North Texas USA. IQA’s mission is to develop the next generation of American Muslim Scholars who pose an upright and noble character through integrated training in the religious and contemporary sciences, and who are capable of meeting the modern challenges of our diverse society through guidance, service, and leadership.

It was a lovely experience working with their team and we truly wish them every success in dunya & akhira. We erg all to make dua for them and for us too to have some similar schools available to us here in the UK insha Allah.

Here is a screenshot of the old site:

Old website IQA MyIQA.org gets transformed!

And here is the newly launched revamped version:

IQA website MyIQA.org gets transformed!

Although they kept the original colours of the site to coordinate with their bottle green logo we were able to add a sense of fun and enlightment to the page together with a more user friendly and organised layout.

Please feel free to visit the site and get back to us with your comments Insh Allah.

Wassalam aleikum

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