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Ansar Trust Website Launch

Assalam aleikum dear brothers & sisters,

Today we celebrate the recent launch of Ansar-trust.org, THE ANSAR TRUST is a Humanitarian & Dawah focused Registered Charity set up by a group of medical professionals that aims to support the message of the Final Messenger, The Prophet Muhammed (peace be be upon Him) by helping the oppressed and needy and implementing the message of The Qur’an.

We were pleased & honored to work with such a team and extremely happy that we could assist them in what way we could to help achieve the goals that they have committed themselves to. We hope that their new bespoke CMS site brings them much ease and success in all that they do Inshallah.

Ansar trust.org website Ansar Trust Website Launch

So please pay them a visit, keep them in your duas and bear them in mind when thinking of paying a sadaqa or zakah Insha Allah.

Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts on their new design by leaving your comments below JAK.

Wassalam aleikum

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  1. Abu Musa says:

    It looks great. The Designer did a great job mashallah.

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