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Maryam Learns & Grows Gets A Face Lift!

Assalam aleikum dear brothers & sisters,

We are delighted to confirm the completion of the website redesign for Mariam Learns & Grows, based in America.

I must say there are many advantages & disadvantages to every job alhamdulillah. One of many advantages of working in this one is that you come to meet and acknowledge many very inspirational, productive & beneficial people, businesses & organisations every day. Some of which sometimes, especially if they are a foreign client from a different country like this one. we may have never heard of before until their approach.

There are 3 main pleasures that our team experiences in almost every project:

1) The pleasure of  first meeting a client & acknowledgement of their business, service or organisation.

2) The pleasure of playing a part of building or improving their websites aims & objectives.

3) And then the pleasure of seeing the completion of the project & them being happy with it.

May Allah SWT keep our intentions pure Insha Allah amin.

Being a mother myself it was such a bliss to have come across such a site as this. A child is born into the world innocent and without experience. Yet, within this small person Allah SWT has placed a powerful desire to gain knowledge and understanding of everything, and it is the Haq of the child that we as their parents help provide them with it.

‘Maryam Learns and Grows’ is a resource for parents who recognize the importance of having a meaningful relationship with their child & Creator.  They are a source for Islamic books, games and other media that will help you teach, inspire and encourage your child InshaAllah.

What really impressed me the most about ‘Maryam Learns and Grows’ as mentioned on their website, the media they retail is designed to appeal to children, at their level, using age appropriate imagery and language. I’m sure I’m speaking for most Muslim parents when I share the experience of picking out a suitable Islamic children’s book for my child, that looks very attractive to the eye of a child, & carries a simple interesting title, but when we take it home to read we are disappointed to find that there are so many words not even we understand let alone our children!

We congratulate Maryam Learns and Grows on the recent launch of their newly designed website & thank them dearly for their help in making our commitment to our children’s education easier & less time consuming. We as parents should realise that teaching our children about our Faith is a means to Jennah, a means to bring us closer to each other – and to Allah SWT!

Take a peak at  their New design:

maryam learns and grows website Maryam Learns & Grows Gets A Face Lift!

Please do give them a visit and bare them in mind when looking for presents for your dear & loved ones, buying a productive gift such as books & educational games are also sadaqa jaariyah icon wink Maryam Learns & Grows Gets A Face Lift!

Please don’t forget to post up your comments, we are always eager to hear from you!



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