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FREE High Quality Photos of the Month (March)

Assalam Aleikum Dear Brothers & Sisters,

Yes, you did read the title correctly, we are now going to be providing our Ummah with some high quality photos every month!

Being in the design business we know too well the hardships that many of us go through for some good quality photos, weather it’s for a sample banner on a design, your blog, a flyer promoting your business or organisation or for wall papers, we understand that some of us can’t always afford it.

We give our full permission to use these images for any required use being commercial or non commercial as long as it does not involve reselling of the image in it’s original form.

Our sole intention is to help our ummah fisabillah & pray for this action to be a Sadaqa Jaariya (ongoing good deed.)

So Insha Allah we hope they are of use & we only request your duas & your comments will be appreciated icon wink FREE High Quality Photos of the Month (March)

Wassalam aleikum

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