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Al Hijrah Masjid’s Family Fun Day

Assalam aleikum dear brothers and sisters,

Ummah-Design sisters have been working closely with Al Hijrah sisters for quite some time now fundraising for the building of the masjid.

Alhamdulillah we have successfully completed the new website for Al Hijrah Masjid updating it with all the latest features to Insha Allah enable easier access & function, we are eagerly awaiting it’s content to be uploaded before launching it officially. Besides this we have also assisted in organising, cooking and baking for all the events and monthly sisters coffee mornings.

It has been a pleasure to design the leaflets & posters for the most recent events including this one, and really fun to get UDtweenz involved in leaflet distribution, children’s activities & in giving us a lot of exciting and youthful ideas to implement when thinking of themes.

Here is the poster we designed for this weeks Family Fun Day, if your in Birmingham please please come and invite all your family and friends, all proceeds go towards the building of the masjid.

family fun day poster v2 copy Al Hijrah Masjids Family Fun Day

Al Hijrah Masjid is in great need of volunteers to help in any way they can, if you have any free time or can offer any service free of charge fisabillah or know anyone else that can please contact them. Their website address is alhijrahmosque.co.uk you can also follow them on Facebook at facebook.com/alhijrahmosque

Jazakoum Allah

Wassalam aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakettu

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  1. Aziza says:

    Please note that this event has now been canceled to the following Sunday 23 June due to the rainy weather ;-(

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