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A Smart New Revamp for Muslim Toys And Dolls

Assalam alaykum Brothers & Sisters,

We recently celebrated the launch of a children’s toy website called Muslim Toys & Dolls.

muslimtoys A Smart New Revamp for Muslim Toys And Dolls

They are an Islamic family website that focuses on our most precious children. Muslim Toys And Dolls are committed to bringing you the best in children’s toys, Arabic learning & Islamic aids, having said that though, if you were to browse through their website you will see that there are hundreds of enlightening products for people of all age groups.

We were honored to have been approached & asked to assist them redesign & update their website. Being part of this project opened up our eyes to the wide range of Islamic resources we are able to equip our children with. Their new revamped site will now be accessible by all mobile devices, it being responsive to a wider range of technology increases it’s chances of being viewed by a wider range of potential customers. May Allah (SWT) reward their intention to incorporate Islamic ethics & education in our children through a way that enhances their desire towards it, and may Allah give them every success insha Allah in doing so. Amin.

Here is a glimpse of the older site:

muslim toys n dolls old site1 A Smart New Revamp for Muslim Toys And Dolls


Here is what they said about us:

“Mashallah Ummah-Design did everything I ask of them.Brother Sherzod and the design team were amazing.I had so many things I wanted done and all i had to do was ask and they would do it.They did a wonderful job designing my site.Just take a look at it and you will know if you want a new designed site or a new site or even seo work Ummah-Design is your company.They are so kind and patient it is unbelievable.And they do it in a timely manner.I recommend them to anyone.Thanks Ummah-Design team.You have my vote”

Sister Debbie


So what do you think? Spot the differences? Get back to us with your feed back & let us know your



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