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New Official Website For Mcst.org.uk

Assalam alaykum Dear Readers,

Today we congratulate and welcome Mcst.org.uk to the online world web.

We are pleased to announce the launch of their first official website called Muslim Chaplains in Sport (abbreviated to MCS)

MCS established themselves with the aim of supporting professional sports players, their families and the staff at their respective organisations, building community relations and consolidating inter faith relationships. They believe in supporting the sportsmen and their religious beliefs, and  provide spiritual and moral support for both them and their families that develops a positive feeling of encouragement and empowers them to further deliver their best results on and off the pitch, without having to compromise and sacrifice their religious responsibilities.

The work MCS do is supported by the sportspeople and the sporting organisation they work with, and is a fully confidential service dedicated to specific chaplains to each organisation, so that there is consistency, trust, and a deeper relationship among the chaplain and the club.

Here is a screenshot of their new site:

mcst org uk Default aspx 1024x888 New Official Website For Mcst.org.uk

We were happy to contribute to their aim of accomplishing and publicizing themselves with a long awaited online presence, and we wish them all the best of success insha Allah with their new CMS website and in all that they do.

Please do give their website a visit and feel free to share with relatives and friends insha Allah.

Wassalam alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa baraketuhu

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